Thermal treatment by RGS Nordic means that sending the contaminated soil and building waste to landfill can be avoided. RGS Nordic’s solution will have a direct and positive impact on your company’s reporting of waste amounts for landfill, and be of financial benefit, as thermal treatment is cheaper than landfill.

RGS Nordic cooperates with a foreign partner that offers this solution. With thermal treatment, RGS Nordic takes care of all the handling, incl. export authorisation and logistics.

Soil with a high level of pollution 

For some types of soil containing organic contaminants (PAHs, tar, oil, PCBs, chlorinated solvents, PFAS, etc.), thermal treatment can be used to remove the contaminants. That is, the soil can be subsequently recovered and used in dyke structures, which means that sending the soil to landfill can be avoided.

Contaminated building waste 

A large amount of construction waste with PCBs from secondary or tertiary contaminants is deposited as landfill today.

In collaboration with a foreign partner, RGS Nordic can treat heavy, mineral construction waste using a thermal process that destroys the contents of organic contaminants (PAHs, tar, oil, PCBs, chlorinated solvents, PFAS etc.). After treatment, the construction waste is recovered in civil engineering projects and in the production of new concrete. This saves on natural resources and landfill is avoided.

Since 2015, we have sent more than



of contaminated soil and waste for thermal treatment