We deal with and clean up all types of soil at our treatment plant. Also when the processing must be done on site (in situ). We clean the soil using a biological process, retain full traceability of all fractions of soil and ensure analysis is documented to confirm appropriate recycling or disposal.

Recovery rather than landfill, using thermal treatment 

Thermal treatment can be used advantageously for soil containing organic contaminants (PAHs, tar, oil, PCBs, chlorinated solvents, PFAS etc. up to 1,500 ppm). That is, the soil can subsequently be recovered and used in dyke structures, which means that sending the soil to landfill can be avoided. Thermal treatment of soil will have a direct, positive impact on your company’s reporting of waste amounts for landfill, and be of financial benefit, as thermal treatment is cheaper than landfill.

RGS Nordic collaborates with a foreign partner that offers this solution. With thermal treatment, RGS Nordic takes care of all the handling, incl. export authorisation and logistics. 

If the soil cannot be cleaned up, we make sure that it is treated or disposed of in an environmentally correct manner. The goal is to ensure that the soil is reused for site preparation, earthworks or as fill for port extensions etc.

On-site treatment of contaminants directly in nature 

It is often necessary to perform the clean-up on site. For example, this applies in cases where the pollution has reached the groundwater, when the terrain is difficult to remove the soil from, when the nearest treatment plant is far away – or if it makes sense in the context of an overall solution (see case on the Grønttorvet construction project).

Our solutions often integrate a number of physical, biological and chemical methods, composed in accordance with the nature of the task. We have advanced special equipment that can solve problems many metres underground without having to dig up the area. In this way, the problem is solved in an effective, sympathetic and economically sound manner.

Soil remedation and clean-up from A to Z 

We are happy to enter into agreements where we take care of all the practical work associated with clearing and cleaning an area. We assume responsibility for all stages of the work, from contact with authorities and taking the first soil samples to the demolition of buildings and restoration of the area.

Read how we help OK-Q8 clean up older petrol stations.

Ground water remedation 

We have extensive experience in groundwater remediation, where most contaminants can be cleaned down to the limits of detection, and our well-developed methods are market leaders. Contact us to learn more.