At RGS Nordic our work involves cleaning and recycling natural resources. Since 1989 we have purified over 5,000,000 tonnes of waste water – including for the offshore industry. 

We receive water from all industries, and we treat:

  • water that must not be passed into the sewers because of danger of explosion, danger to health or unpleasant odour; 
  • waste water containing heavy metals 
  • used alkalis and waste water containing carbon 
  • waste water requiring active sludge treatment;
  • waste water containing substances that adsorb to sludge;

30 years’ experience of purifying waste water 

Biological water purification is considered the most environmentally friendly form of purification, and we have 25 years’ operational experience in this area. We check the waste water in our operations laboratory before, during and after treatment. When the water has been purified it is passed back into the natural cycles. Biological sludge is created as an excess product, and is used for energy production.

We have purified over


tonnes waste water

since 1989

We use the best technology available

RGS Nordic has quality and environmental certification in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14.001 and Achilles JQS. Our purification plants at all times meet the current requirements regarding best available technology (BAT).  Read more in our latest environmental report.

We are ready to receive your deliveries at Stigsnæs 

We can receive your deliveries both by tanker and by ship at our Stigsnæs plant, where we have nearly 100,000 m3 of reception and storage facilities. All deliveries are approved in advance by the authorities, and we also deal with the actual processing approval.