In collaboration with 15 other companies in Danish Industry's Water Board, RGS Nordic looks forward to contributing to the development of the water sector at home and abroad.

"Our goal is to help ensure the enforcement and development of the legislative framework in the EU, as well as at a national and local level. Furthermore, we hope to contribute to raise awareness around the topic of sustainability in our business and industry", says  Jonathan Cope, Business Unit Director, Water Solutions, RGS Nordic.

Danish Industry writes on their website that the purpose of the newly created association is to put Denmark in the driver's seat when it comes to the future of water solutions.

"Floods and droughts, pollution and waterborne diseases threaten our water. We have enough water problems. In Denmark, on the other hand, we have developed solutions that can be used to combat these problems", explains DI-Water.

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Jonathan Cope

Business Unit Director, Water Solutions

Audhild Haugeberg

Marketing & Communications Manager