The global conversation in the media and among individuals leaves no room for doubt. The climate and the environment are at the top of the list of challenges facing humanity today.

As a company, we have to address these problems, understand our role in the bigger picture and make an active effort to change things for the better. We must do everything we can to leave the Earth in a condition which allows our children to live good lives. It’s that simple.

This report describes how RGS Nordic works with sustainability. We are an environmental company to the core, so when we talk about the climate, the environment and sustainability, it’s not because the law, NGOs or the media call for it – it’s because this is a deeply integrated part of our business. It’s the reason we came into existence.

We make our efforts within our own sphere of influence, but at the same time, we help our customers to become more sustainable. Solving the dire challenges facing our planet takes teamwork, and by reaching beyond our own ranks, we seek to maximise the impact of our work.

We specialise in the treatment of waste, and our vision is to pass on to our children a world in which the Earth’s resources are cleaned and recycled

Our core business has a positive environmental impact because we recycle resources and protect the environment from the spread of hazardous substances. From this starting point, we work with sustainability in terms of both the environment and our business.

Through transparency, traceability, high professionalism at all stages of treatment and solid documentation, we also take responsibility for the quality of our recycled materials. This report will give you a thorough insight into how we work with sustainability at RGS Nordic. Happy reading.

-Henrik Grand Petersen, CEO


Ebbe Tubæk Naamansen

Head of Group Sustainability

Audhild Haugeberg

Marketing & Communications Manager