100.000 m3 means even greater flexibility in taking deliveries 

The construction work has begun and our new storage tanks are expected to be ready for the new year. With the new storage tanks, RGS Nordic will have a total storage capacity of 100,000 m3. The large storage capacity will lead to an even greater flexibility, meaning that our customers can deliver all kinds of polluted waste water simultaneously, at any time and in very large quantities. We accept deliveries by both ship and road tanker from all types of industries.

Biological remedation is the most environmentally friendly approach

The waste water treatment facility at Stigsnæs purifies the water biologically, without the use of chemicals. From the remediation process, sludge is produced for recycling as well as purified waste water, which is returned to the cycle in Agersø sound. Biological remediation is considered the most environmentally friendly form of treatment and can do wonders for your company's green and sustainability profile.