RGS Nordic guarantees that soil, water, and waste from our customers are treated in line with all regulatory requirements. We want to strengthen that guarantee, meaning that we lead the way and not only reduce our own environmental impact – we also help our customers live up to their responsibilities. Thus the entire value chain collaborates on reducing the impact on the environment.

Clear and strict environmental regulations are very important. They ensure the best possible consideration for the environment and the climate.

We ensure that our customers observe all regulations and limit values when delivering construction waste, soil, and contaminated water at our plants. We have kept that policy for years, and now we want to take the next step. Therefore we are going to change our approach so that we not only ensure that all regulations are observed – we are also going to document and declare the content of the materials we return to nature. Thus, we ensure a proper use of the materials without causing harm.

As an environmental company, we take this step because we want to give our children a world where Earth’s resources are purified and recycled. More down-to-earth, we also take this step because it will be a competitive advantage – if not a requirement – for us and for our customers.

Purification of water is the area where limitation of pollution is a most important concern. Clean water is the prerequisite for life. Therefore, we focus on water and work hard to remove contaminants before it is returned to the circle of nature circle of nature.

Clean water is the world’s most fundamental resource

RGS Nordic has one of the best water purification plants, and every year we protect the marine environment from many tonnes of pollutants which could otherwise disturb the balance of nature. We stand right between the industries of modern society and the marine environment.

We will keep that position in the future – but we must also refine and strengthen it. We must guarantee the protection of the world’s most fundamental resource: Water.

Today, we are already removing 99.5 percent of the contaminants from the water treated at our plant.

However we must strive to purify further and remove more substances.


The marine environment is very vulnerable and we must ensure that it is not overloaded. Therefore, we will increase transparency in terms of documenting our purification results to both our customers and society.

Additionally we need to protect the clean water. We will find new ways in the future to consume less clean groundwater in our purification processes.

These ambitions are not just for water treatment, they apply to our company in general. For example, we continuously find new ways to purify and reuse soil. It is also our ambition to reduce our CO2 emissions significantly in order to become climate neutral in 2030.

As part of this effort, we will collaborate more with our customers in the future on the environmental opportunities of raw materials, whether collected or delivered.

Today, it is our job to receive and treat the waste that is delivered to us. In the future, however, we will work with our customers to optimise waste deliveries (such as pre sorting for example) to drive greater economies for both parties.

For customers who collect recycled raw materials at our plants, we will provide details of our processing, document the substances and material compounds in the recyclable products, as well as educate the customers in their proper use.

When it comes to water, we will account for our purification process – particularly in terms of substances which may harm the marine environment.

That will ensure full transparency in our material flow. It will also promote our business, and be an important argument for choosing us over others.

In the future, we will all face even stricter requirements from the outside world as the information is needed for green accounts, in dialogue with authorities, and as specification in construction processes.

Our ambition is not only to be an environmental company. We also want to be champion of a better environment and climate.