That is the question Pernille Lyngsie Pedersen and Jonathan Cope from RGS Nordic Water Solutions will be answering during the Produced Water Workshop in Aberdeen 11-12 of June. 

"The objective of the Workshop is for interested parties to find out and keep abreast of the latest technological and legislative developments, as well as current practices and trends in produced water management, treatment and handling", TÜV SÜD explains on their website.

During the two-day event, peers from all over the industry will meet up to discuss produced water issues that we are facing in the industry today and tomorrow. As a company, RGS Nordic is excited to shed some light and share our experience in relation to how biological active sludge can be used to treat produced water from offshore both on and off stage.



Photo: Pernille Lyngsie Pedersen presenting at the event.

Pernille Lyngsie Pedersen

Production Manager, Water Solutions

+45 23 31 33 67

Jonathan Cope

Business Unit Director, Water Solutions