RGS Nordic is an attractive partner for entrepreneurs focusing on sustainable circular economy. The large New Valby project is a good example.

A completely new district is emerging in a 160,000 m2 area in Valby. The ambitious New Valby project will house 4,000 citizens, as well as shops, institutions and a park. And it is not just ambitious in terms of size, but also in terms of sustainability, as developers are aiming for a DGNB certification. DGNB stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Bauen Nachhaltiges, which is an internationally recognised standard for sustainable construction.

A partnership with construction management 

Ambitions this great require professional partners. Therefore, IngCon – the company in charge of the overall construction management – invited us to be part of the project early on so we could help plan the handling of soil and construction waste in a sustainable way. 

Our solution has helped optimise the recycling of soil and construction materials. For example, after proper treatment, excavated soil will be recycled to establish the district's parks and other recreational areas. The same is true of the materials from demolished buildings, which are sorted and recycled on site.

New Valby will house


residents, as well as shops, institutions

and a park

Bring us in early for a better solution

Project New Valby proves that we can create value as a trusted partner in construction projects where economic and environmental sustainability is a priority. When we join such projects early on, we can contribute significantly to meeting the client's ambitions – e.g. DGNB certification in the New Valby case.

Want to talk sustainable construction?

Contact us for an informal chat about how our experience in the disposal and recycling of soil and construction waste can make your project even more attractive and sustainable.