Used Rockwool, old coffee cups and broken sinks are collected and upcycled into new Rockwool.

More than 30% of the waste produced in Denmark comes from construction projects. Therefore, society, the environment and the economy all benefit from investments in recycling used materials. And there is a broad public respect for companies that take the lead.

A sustainable society will not happen by itself 

RGS Nordic and ROCKWOOL A/S, the world's leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, take the lead in efforts to recycle building materials. Since 2012, RGS Nordic have gathered and processed used Rockwool insulation, sanitary ware, etc., allowing it to be used in the production of new Rockwool insulation.

How the collaboration works 

RGS Nordic receives waste from recycling centres throughout Denmark. Plastic, mortar, wall ties, plaster and other unwanted material is sorted. The Rockwool insulation is granulated and sanitary ware/ceramics are crushed. Everything is quality-approved before being sent to the Rockwool factory north of Hobro, where it is used in the manufacturing of new Rockwool insulation. That way we get an infinite recycling process.

”Our production process is ideal for recycling. Since 2012, we have had a partnership with RGS Nordic to collect, handle and bring back used stone wool from municipality recycling sites and large refurbishment or demolition sites to our production site in Jylland. Stone wool can be recycled again and again without degrading its quality. It gives a unique position in the insulation market being able to offer this recycling scheme to our customers and we are proud of our contribution to circular economy.”

Berit Kjerulf, Environmental Manager ROCKWOOL Nordics

RGS Nordic has helped ROCKWOOL A/S since


to strengthen the sustainability of the construction sector

and we've only just begun

Circular economy at its finest 

The collaboration with ROCKWOOL A/S is an example of how we can start the circular economy rolling. Our goal is to double the amount of recycled Rockwool insulation in the coming years, thus improving sustainability in the construction sector.

You can read more about the environmental benefits on Rockwool's own website.

What are your options?

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