As a leading actor in the environmental industry, we assume responsibility for developing new methods of recycling construction waste. Therefore, we are pleased to be part of CLEAN’s innovation project.

In Denmark, we have a generally high rate of recycling construction waste. There is still great potential for improvement, as construction waste often ends up as fill in construction works such as roads and noise barriers.

A large proportion of the used materials can be utilised better and with greater benefit to the environment and economy. Developing methods for better recycling of these materials is one of RGS Nordic’s focus areas.

The complete recycling process

RGS Nordic is part of an innovative development project by CLEAN (Denmark’s green energy and environmental cluster), involving the demolition of two buildings (in Faxe and Kolding) and the recycling of 15,000 tonnes of concrete from Amager Resource Center.

  • Mapping of materials and their potential for recycling or upcycling
  • Demolition/separation of buildings
  • Preparation of building materials for resale or processing
  • Sale of materials locally or online

This development project is important to us. The methods we help develop here will set new standards for the entire industry and for the way we think about resources.

Mette Reindahl, environmental consultant at RGS Nordic, explains:  

“We focus on ensuring that the largest possible number of fractions can be reused in their original form or upcycled in a new cycle. Sales opportunities are paramount, and we therefore also want to create a dialogue with builders, architects and consultants regarding future buildings. You see, we expect to be able to scale the new methods for major construction projects.

Want to hear more? 

We are working on the project along with our skilled partners in DJ Miljø, Geoteknik and Søndergaard Nedrivning.  

The project ran in 2017 and 2018, but we continuously gather knowledge and ideas that we are happy to share along the way. You are therefore very welcome to contact us for an informal chat.