There is much at stake when older petrol stations need to be closed or cleaned. There is a significant risk of contaminating the environment, and the task must be carried out with the greatest degree of care and professionalism.

We have worked closely with the OK-Q8 petrol station chain for decades, and together we close or clean up 25-30 gas stations in Sweden and Denmark each year. 

Our task is to remove or upgrade stations in a safe and environmentally sound way. In most cases, the soil around the tank needs to be cleaned up, after which we take measures to ensure that there is no new discharge when the tank is subsequently converted or eliminated.

"RGS Nordic has all the expertise and tools needed to perform complex environmental tasks in a safe and well-documented manner." 

Johan Haglund, construction project manager, OK-Q8 

RGS Nordic helps OK-Q8 clean up or close


petrol stations in an environmentally safe manner

every year

We assume responsibility for all stages of the work. When a petrol station must be closed or cleaned up, we first prepare a soil survey, risk assessment and clean-up strategy before the actual work begins. We are also responsible for all contact with the authorities, including obtaining the necessary permits.  

Once the project plan has been approved and all permits obtained, we dismantle and demolish the plant. Ongoing tests ensure that all environmental concerns are respected. We subsequently re-establish the location as requested by the customer, and are responsible for the final reporting and inspection with the customer and authorities.