When the municipal sewage plant in Fredericia was no longer able to handle the large amount of waste water from Ørsted's oil recovery in the North Sea, RGS Nordic stepped in with an effective solution.

Danish Oil Pipe is a subsidiary of Ørsted, Denmark's large energy company. The company owns the oil transport system that ensures the produced oil is transported from the field in the North Sea to the terminal next to the Shell refinery in Fredericia.

A by-product of oil production is a large amount of waste water, which is heavily polluted and requires safe treatment to avoid causing harm to the environment. Ørsted produces a lot of this waste water, and at one point Fredericia’s municipal waste water treatment plant could no longer get the job done. Luckily, we could.

A complete solution 

Danish Oil Pipe was offered a complete solution where we would take care of the waste water from A to Z. We can provide transportation of the 150,000 m3 of water to our facility in Stigsnæs, take care of the documentation, the waste water treatment and the handling of by-products arising from the process.

As owners of the Stigsnæs plant, a large biological treatment facility, we could offer Danish Oil Pipe a very advantageous agreement. You see, biological treatment is cheaper than burning in rotary kilns, and more environmentally friendly than mechanical processing.

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