The Port of Esbjerg was faced with a challenge when the Danish authorities imposed a six-month deadline to remove 175,000 tonnes of contaminated harbour sediment.

Fortunately, the solution was close at hand: RGS Nordic has a treatment plant in Esbjerg and ample experience with the transport and processing of contaminated sediment. In close collaboration with a local shipping company, we developed a proposal that would solve the task within the set timeframe.

Our suggestion was to stabilise the sediment from the harbour with cement, making it easier to handle.

The dredged sediment was placed in pools of approximately 7,000 m2. The cement was spread over the sediment and milled down, mixing it together. In order to test the pollution content, the mixture was analysed the following day, after which it was taken away for final disposal.

We helped the Port of Esbjerg dispose of


tonnes of contaminated sediment

effectively, safely and within the timeframe.

The challenge was the large amount of sediment to be handled, as well as finding the delicate balance with the right amount of cement, because the mixture could not become too hard or too soft.

A good offer for other ports

The project in Esbjerg is an example of how we can help ports with the cleaning-up and handling of even large amounts of contaminated sediment. We have several treatment plants along the coast, and we can step in to provide efficient and cost-effective disposal in most places.

We would be happy to offer a solution to your specific challenge. Contact us for an informal meeting.