The demolation of an old school gave alle project participants an education about recycling. 

One of the VUC (adult education centre) buildings in Roskilde had to be demolished. Jumping at the opportunity to acquire as much new knowledge as possible, we chose to join up with the demolition company Søndergaard Nedrivning, Lendager Group and consulting engineers DJ Miljø & Geoteknik. 

Objectives: More circular recycling 

The goal of the collaboration was to develop new tools for recycling building materials, allowing for much better utilisation of resources than is the case today, as valuable construction waste ends up as road fill in construction projects.

The process in brief 

Together, we mapped the building’s resources. What resources were there – and in what quantities? Could the materials be used in new ways? Old bricks that could not be disassembled were cut into squares instead, allowing them to be used to great decorative effect in another building project. Hazardous substances were removed from the walls and ceilings before the demolition specialists began separating the various building parts. All the building's resources were registered, ensuring that we know exactly what happened to them and where the hazardous substances went. The building elements are now in RGS Nordic’s resource storage, ready for a new life in a new building.

The elements are now ready for a


in a new building

We keep getting wiser 

The school building from the 70s has now been demolished, but the cooperation continues. We constantly share ideas for how recycled building materials can be reprocessed for inclusion in new buildings. We share the many insights and ideas we acquire along the way with companies and public stakeholders through workshops – our hope is that the results will pave the way for new methods of exploiting the vast resources in used building materials.

Want to hear more? 

We would be happy to share our ideas and experiences from the demolition project in Roskilde. And from other educational tasks we have performed. Contact us for an informal chat.