RGS Nordic and DK Beton work together to deliver recycled concrete, which has the same certification and manufacturer responsibility as traditional concrete. The concrete can be used for all interior constructions that are not exposed to high loads or great environmental impact.

When a house is demolished, the concrete is crushed and used as a fill in roads. But that is far too poor a utilisation of the concrete. When it is used as road fill, it cannot be used again. Therefore, RGS and DK Beton took the initiative to reuse concrete in the manufacturing of new concrete. In this way, the concrete is not removed from the cycle, but can be used again and again for the benefit of our environment – with full traceability.

RGS Nordic can recycle up to 75% of the


tonnes of concrete we crush into road fill each year

At the other end of the process, this means that DK Beton can replace 20% of virgin materials with old concrete.

Certified recycled concrete 

RGS Nordic and DK Beton have developed concepts and collaborate to deliver recycled concrete to the Danish construction sector – approved and certified high-quality concrete with full traceability. The recycled concrete will be certified in the low environmental and strength class with full manufacturer responsibility. This means that the concrete can be used for all interior constructions that are not exposed to high loads or great environmental impact. The traceability of old concrete has previously been an obstacle to using it in new concrete. But RGS Nordic has invested heavily in ensuring traceability, so that recycled concrete will be of suitable quality. 

Circular economy at its finest 

The collaboration with DK Beton is an example of how we can start the circular economy rolling. Our aim is to replace virgin materials for concrete production with up to 1 million tonnes of old concrete over a ten-year period, thus improving sustainability in the construction sector. Read more about DK Beton here

Sustainable construction sells 

Recycled materials are often sought after and highlighted as a positive factor in construction projects, and the demand for recycled concrete is increasing from all parties involved in construction. Contact us for an informal chat about how the use of certified recycled concrete can make your project even more attractive and sustainable.


Over a ten-year period, the old concrete will be able to replace

1 million tonnes

virgin raw materials

We do not have to use nature's limited resources, dig large holes in the landscape and transport the raw materials over long distances.

Groundbreaking concrete collaboration receives the support of the Environmental Protection Agency 

RGS Nordic and DK Beton have been granted almost DKK 5 million from the Danish EPA’s Development and Demonstration Scheme to accelerate their sustainable concrete collaboration. The two companies will develop certified recycled concrete in a large-scale production that is intended to replace 1 million tonnes of virgin raw materials with recycled concrete within the next ten years.

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