Everything we do at RGS Nordic is based on fundamental ideas about who we are, what we want and how we will achieve it. These ideas are described in our vision, mission, goals and rules of conduct. 


  • We want to offer our children a world where the Earth's resources are cleaned and recycled.


  • We make it easy for our customers to make the circular economy a good business.


  • We want to take the lead in constantly developing more environmentally sound and cost-effective solutions for the management of waste, soil and industrial waste water. We want to set new standards in the industry and do so through a collaboration with customers, partners and legislators.  
  • We want to be the leading circular economy actor in the Nordic region, and offer efficient and competitive overall solutions.   
  • We want to create value for customers, employees and other stakeholders. Increased market focus will strengthen our market position both locally and nationally. 
  • We want to develop and attract unique skills. RGS Nordic will be the most attractive employer in the industry.   
  • We want to act responsibly in terms of the environment, people and society.

Rules of conduct 

  • Passion 
    • We value passion, courage and determination. We are excited, and we see the best in each individual. 
  • Flexibility 
    • We are ready for change and are presistent. We are dedicated to finding the best solution. 
  • Catalyst for cooperation
    • We look for overall solutions, and we believe in cooperation, so we take the initative. Because tomorrow's solutions come from collaboration - internally, externally and across boarders. 


"The global conversation in the media and among individuals leaves no room for doubt. The climate and the environment are at the top of the list of the challenges facing humanity today. As a company, we have to address these problems, understand our role in the bigger picture and make an active effort to change things for the better. We must do everything we can to leave the Earth in a condition which allows our children to lead good lives. It is that simple."

Flemming Bendt, CEO