The world’s resources are limited, and our ecosystem is vulnerable. It is clear to all that we, as a society, must recycle more in the future than we do today. We must produce less CO2 and pollution. We must protect nature, the climate, and our planet.

We have a shared responsibility, and at RGS Nordic we are committed to taking our share of the responsibility – and a little more. We are also determined to make this commitment a good and sustainable business choice for us and for our customers. In other words, we wish to raise the industrial standard and be a frontrunner in the construction sectors’, and related sectors’ circular economies.

For decades RGS Nordic has processed and treated construction waste, contaminated soil and wastewater with the aim of increasing recycling rates and reducing environmental impact. However, we are facing a paradigm shift in the years to come.

We are moving from being waste recipients to being suppliers of recycled raw materials. We are going from being primarily responsible for our own internal processes concerning the treatment of construction waste, soil and water, to taking a greater responsibility for the collective impact on the environment and the climate in the value chain.

That is why, this year, our sustainability report is being combined with our business strategy. 

We no longer have a separate sustainability strategy and business strategy – we have a sustainable business strategy.

Heading towards 2030, our sustainable strategy has three goals:
• Sustainable consumption of resources
• Sustainable environmental impact
• Sustainable economy

These three goals are interconnected, and we measure our actions against all three criteria.

More specifically, we want to continue to pursue the goal of recycling 80 percent of all construction waste by 2030. This requires strong collaboration throughout all of the construction industry’s value chain – and we have already come a long way.

At the same time, we will remove and document still more harmful substances from soil, waste, and water before it is recycled or returned to nature. Along with this, we must become CO2 neutral.

These are high ambitions, but also ambitions where there is a growing need, and in turn also a growing market. We will make sustainability a good business choice for us and for our customers, so that the market forces contribute to driving this development.

On the following pages we are proud to present our strategy, as well as the specific initiatives and solutions.