RGS Nordic is certified in CSR: DS 49001. As a leading environmental company, we have a great responsibility. Not just for the environment, but also for people and society.  

Therefore, sustainability is the backbone of our company. And as such, everything we do and plan to do is measured against our own strict criteria for sustainable business operation. 

To ensure that we include all aspects, we work across seven areas: 

  • Products and market 
    • Innovative solutions, upcycling, traceability, better technology etc. 
  • Environment 
    • Greener energy production, reducing CO2 emissions, waste, waste water and hazardous substances etc. 
  • Employees 
    • Education, satisfaction, working environment, equality, diversity, etc. 
  • Community 
    • Inclusion, contribution to local communities, responsible tax payment etc. 
  • Suppliers 
    • Requirement for own equipment, responsible management of the value chain, etc. 
  • Ethics and conduct 
    • Compliance, Code of Conduct, anti-corruption, etc. 
  • Management and communication 
    • Communication about our efforts, international sustainability profile, etc.

Each year, we publish a sustainability report, where we present our work, analyse our progress and highlight areas where we can improve. 

Download our Sustainability Report 2019 as a PDF