When working with environmental problems, you have to rise to the task. The challenges are becoming more and more complex, while legal requirements are tightened.

At RGS Nordic, we are constantly working to improve our techniques. This is the case for in-situ methods of combatting pollution, such as oxidation and dechlorination, multi-phase extraction and other purification techniques, as well as for the recycling of waste and purification of industrial waste water.

We are also at the forefront when it comes to developing entirely new methods. The future will make great demands, and we are working on new methods to tackle difficult challenges such as

  • contaminants, e.g. arsenic, dioxins, PAH and PFC substances
  • treatment of contaminated sediment
  • clean-up and recycling of old landfills
  • upcycling of waste into quality materials

We also participate in a number of research projects with higher education institutions, both nationally and internationally. That way, we can help to ensure that the development of water and soil purification continues.