RGS Nordic specialises in the treatment of contaminated soil, waste water and recycling of construction and demolition waste. We operate more than 28 reception and treatment facilities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – including the facility in Stigsnæs, which is Scandinavia's largest commercial biological purification plant for waste water.

We receive more than 4,8 million tonnes of soil and waste at our facilities in Sweden and Denmark every year.  Furtermore, we treat one third of all waste from construction projects in Denmark. At Stigsnæs, we purify more than 400,000 tonnes of  waste annually. We employ approx. 280 employees.

Our vision 

We want to offer our children a world where the Earth's resources are cleaned and recycled.

Our mission 

We make it easy for our customers to make the circular economy a good business.

Contact our customer service

+45 88 77 90 90
or send us an e-mail info@rgsnordic.com